Travel light, travel safe, travel comfortable


Angel Falls

Discover the best of Canaima

Los Roques

Enjoy white sands and crystal clear waters


Explore beaches, deserts, salt flats and much more

Las Cumaraguas Salt Flats

Morrocoy National Park

Sand Dune’s Coro


Hike to the highest tepui in Gran Sabana

Ocumare de la Costa

Get to know the blue water beaches nearly from Caracas

Delta del Orinoco

Navigate through the jungle and experience

Los Llanos

Horseback riding, safaris, meat sticks and much more


Mountainous landscape, gastronomy and a lot of history

Build your Route

We plan the route of your dreams adapted to your needs

Additional services


Permanent offers on trips around the world

Travel insurance

Ensure your peace of mind with the best coverage

Venezuela Travel Guide

The best of each destination at your fingertips

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Why travel with Soco Adventures?

Memories for a lifetime

Our sales advisors are experts in organizing your celebrations during the trip such as anniversaries, birthdays, marriage proposals or any other.

travel with peace of mind

We have measures in place to keep you safe from the moment you book to the moment you return home.

Small or large groups

We have offers and discounts on family plans, tours and packages for groups. Travel through Venezuela with our personalized packages.

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