Angel Falls

The best time to travel is in the rainy season. From the months of May to the end of January.

Yes, we recommend that children are at least 3 years old to do the 40-minute walk to the Angel Falls viewpoint. for the rest there is not much physical effort.

The trip lasts 5 days and 4 nights. (It could be fewer days if there is availability of continuous flights from your city of origin to Puerto Ordaz and then Canaima)

No, the walk to the Auyantepuy lasts approximately 12 days and it is another totally different tour that we currently do not offer

No, there is no land route to reach the Canaima community.

No. Although the Roraima tepuy is also in the Canaima National Park, they are in opposite sectors. Roraima is in the eastern sector and Angel Falls is in the western sector.

No, when you book the VIP plan you don't need money to pay for anything else. Only crafts if you wish.

Does not include alcoholic beverages.