No, although we recommend training at least a few months before to enjoy the trail more, you will have a personal porter who will carry your luggage and all walks are at your own pace. It is a mental challenge more than a physical one. Level 7/10.

No, a few hours after Puerto Ordaz the internet signal is lost, in La Gran Sabana there is only a mobilenet signal, and once the trek to Roraima begins, no type of coverage, however we will have a satellite phone in case of any emergency.

Despite being much more complicated if possible, to do so, we could offer you a private tour, specially adapted to your needs.

No, all our tours are designed so that in the VIP mode the tourist does not have to worry about anything else. However, in case you want to buy any crafts or buy something outside of everything mentioned in that we include, it must be strictly cash.

Of course, we recommend that the minimum age be 10 years, however families with children who do a lot of physical activity have come up with 6-year-old children, always under the responsibility of the elderly who accompany them.

As long as they are in good physical condition. We have had the opportunity to travel for people up to 70 years of age to this destination.

El Roraima, Los Roques, Angel Falls, among other destinations that live 100% from tourism, take care of the safety of each of the tourists, therefore yes, it is 100% safe to do this trekking. We also take all the necessary precautions so that transfers and previous and post trekking stays are safe.

No, that is a totally different tour, Roraima is in the eastern sector of Canaima National Park, while Angel Falls is in the western sector. If you click here you will be able to see the details of that tour.

No, even though Roraima is a tepuy located within La Gran Sabana, to get to know it well you need to do a specific tour to waterfalls, rivers, viewpoints and wonderful places that comprise an overlanding experience.

Our team has a satellite phone and a tepuy extraction protocol with the help of the indigenous porters that make up the work team, however in case the tourist wishes to contact a helicopter, the costs are borne by the myself.