Los Roques

If you contract the VIP option you will not need absolutely anything else, otherwise your Adventure Advisor will be in charge of telling you what you may need.

Only movilnet and some inns offer Wi-Fi service.

Los Roques is a 100% safe island, you can be with your photography equipment, phone and wallet 100% exposed and nothing will happen even on the beach you can leave your things on the chairs or awnings while you go for a walk or go swimming and everything will be the same when you return.

It is an archipelago with difficult access, only 12-seat planes travel, in addition to the distance to transport from gasoline to basic supplies for the inns are some of the reasons for the high prices, but believe me, every penny invested is worth it. grief.

Los Roques has beaches so close and without having to navigate the open sea that it is a destination for any age, you just have to want to enjoy a paradise in the Caribbean and that's it.

The most common in dollars in cash but they also accept bolivars by transfer and point of sale.

Although the best-selling plan is 3 days, we recommend at least 5 days to really know part of all the wonders that the Los Roques Archipelago has to offer.

Between sea keys, shallows and sandbanks there are more than 60 options to choose from, which is why it is almost impossible to visit them all in a single trip.