If you contract the VIP option you will not need absolutely anything else, otherwise your Adventure Advisor will be in charge of telling you what you may need.

Totally safe. At Soco Adventures, safety is one of our great pillars, therefore, on each route we make sure to make alliances and visit 100% safe places. In addition, the towns of Tucacas and Adícora, live mostly from tourism, so they take great care of their visitors.

Yes, the routes are quite quiet, there are no long walks and the plan includes the necessary comfort for people of any age.

Although the best-selling plan is 3 days, we recommend, if you want to visit the Morrocoy National Park, take the 4-day plan so that you have a more complete experience of all the incredible destinations that the Falcón state has to offer.

Venezuela, in addition to having a tropical climate throughout the year, is located on the equator, which makes the climate favorable to visit this paradise throughout the year.

A private vehicle will meet you at the door of your house or hotel to start this tour.

Yes, we allow pets. We just have to make sure that the inns that are chosen in the tour also accept it.

In case of an emergency we go to the nearest clinic or hospital or if the tourist decides we can return to their city of origin at the time they want.