Travel to The Plains "Los Llanos"

walk and ride through apure state the savannah

All this is possible in Apure, in the heart of the Venezuelan plains

In a horizon that seems to disappear from sight, the open savannah, with its rivers and lagoons, is a trunk of natural treasures. If you dare to go on a safari you can see capybaras, deer and all kinds of birds. Can you imagine touching the largest snake in all of America? Or feed the second largest crocodile in the world? Do you have any idea how many birds and mammals you can find in their natural habitat?

On your trip you will get to know the Matiyure region, where the conservation of species, the raising of cattle for sale, and ecotourism are combined. There you will come into contact with the wide variety of plants and flowers. You will see up close the fierce Orinoco Caiman, the largest crocodile species in Venezuela and the second largest in the world. During the safari you can also see capybaras, deer and all kinds of birds.

travel package & tours THE LLANOS

WHAT’S the llanos´s trip INCLUDED

Private ground transport, round trip (Caracas-Maiquetia National Airport; Barinas-Hato El Cedral)
Air tickets Caracas-Barinas, round trip
Accommodation at Hato El Cedral, you can choose cabins or hotel-type rooms
All meals included from lunch on the day of arrival to lunch on the day of departure (including non-alcoholic beverages)
Two tours and activities to choose from: daytime safari, night safari, river crossing, horseback riding, milking task, artisanal fishing
Pool day at Hato El Cedral
Soco Adventure Kit with accessories for your trip (including a Dry Fit flannel)


3 days – 2 nights


Reserve from
USD 890*

*Prices per person

*Valid prices for low season, does not apply for Carnivals, Easter or December

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Which is the best time to travel?

In Apure the tropical climate changes twice a year. In the wet or rainy season (May to November) with hot and humid temperatures and river submerged lowlands. For its part, in the dry season (from December to April) you can see clearer skies and refreshing breezes.

The best period to visit will depend on what you want to experience. It is recommended at the end of the rainy season as it is less humid and you can ride a horse as the water levels have dropped, but it is still possible to travel areas by boat.

Do I need additional money?

No, when booking any of our plans you do not need to pay anything else. You can only use your funds if you want to consume some extra liquor during your stay.

Can I travel with children or elderly people?

Yes, this is an ideal destination for children to explore nature. Adults of any age are welcome as it does not require physical effort.


Yes, although you can get close to wild animals, the guides are trained to ensure your safety, but is essential to follow their instructions.

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 payment methods

  • Zelle
  • Credit card
  • National and International wire transfer
  • Cash (USD) (EUR)
  • Paypal
  • Cryptocurrencies


The countries that appear in the list of the link are those that require a visa to enter the country link

Currency of the country

  • Bolívar
  • US dollar
  • Euros

Forbidden activities

  • Light campfires
  • Throw rubbish
  • Pet access
  • Psychotropic substances
  • Carrying of weapons / flammable, polluting and explosive materials

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IS the llanos TOUR FOR ME?

Whether you decide to go on your own or with our all-inclusive service, where we will pick you up from the door of your house or hotel in Caracas to transfer you to the Maiquetia National Airport to take a 1-hour flight to Barinas, your package includes two rides

Depending on your location, the journey can take between 4 and 9 hours by car to get to the Matiyure camp in Hato El Cedral. If you took the flight to Barinas, you are only 3 hours away. We will pick you up in a private transfer to take you to the Hato

If you choose the daytime safari, you will set out in search of the anaconda. On the river crossing, you will navigate by boat to feed crocodiles. The night safari will offer you to visit the savannah and admire nocturnal animals

Sobre el caballo en Los Llanos

One of the most relaxing activities is horseback riding. It offers you to ride freely through the plain at your own pace and at your own pace. If you like speed, and depending on how reckless you are or how much experience you have, you can make this activity an adrenaline-filled session

Caimán del Orinoco Los LLanos Venezuela
Regardless of whether you have experience or not, the artisanal fishing session and the milking of cows will be guided by those in charge of the herd
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