Explore Orinoco Delta National Park


The most transformative thing will be sharing with the indigenous Waraos

In the middle of a jungle crossed by hundreds of waterways, and far from the world, hides one of the most virgin destinations in Venezuela. During your trip through pipes and rivers you will be able to sleep in a house on the water, listen to the sounds of nature, observe wildlife and come into contact with the purity of the ancestral tradition of the Warao indigenous people.

The Orinoco Delta has become a growing attraction for Venezuelans and foreigners. Navigating the Orinoco River admiring dolphins, araguatos, babas and endless birds will change your perspective of the Delta Amacuro state.



Private ground transport, round trip (Caracas-Maiquetia National Airport; Maturin or Puerto Ordaz-Boca de Uracoa)
Air tickets Caracas- Maturin or Puerto Ordaz, round trip
River transport to the lodge
Accommodation at Orinoco Delta Lodge, built on the water (palafitos)
All meals included from lunch on the day of arrival to breakfast on the day of departure (including non-alcoholic beverages)
Trips to the Morichal Largo river, walk in the jungle, visit to indigenous communities and warao handicrafts market, tour of the freshwater beach, view of the sunset and night tour of the Caño Mánamo, walk to watch the sunrise in the caño
Free use of kayak and canoe
Soco Adventure Kit with accessories for your trip (including a Dry Fit flannel)
Excursion equipment for rent (camping bag and trekking pole)
Wifi available (per person for a mobile device)


4 days – 3 nights


Reserve from
USD 920*

*Prices per person

*Prices valid for low season, does not apply for Carnivals, Easter or December

*Single room (1 person per room) has an additional charge

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Additional drinks from the bar (not included in breakfast or water and coffee service)

DUncorking of alcoholic beverages

USD 30

Wireless Satellite Internet (from 5 to 10 pm throughout the stay)

USD 10 per device

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Which is the best time to visit orinoco delta?

Venezuela has a tropical climate with two seasons (dry and rainy). In the delta area, the rainy season (from May to November) is favorable to travel due to its cooler climate. For its part, the dry season favors excursions and walks with radiant sun but with a much warmer and more humid climate.


Do I need additional money?

No, when booking any of our plans you do not need to pay anything else. You can only use your funds if you want to consume some extra liquor or buy crafts during your stay.

Can I travel with children or elderly people?

Yes, infants and adults of any age with full mobility are welcome.

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 payment methods

  • Zelle
  • Credit card
  • National and International wire transfer
  • Cash (USD) (EUR)
  • Paypal
  • Cryptocurrencies


The countries that appear in the list of the link are those that require a visa to enter the country link

Currency of the country

  • Bolívar
  • US dollar
  • Euros

    Health – Vaccines

    • It’s no longer required to present Covid-19 vaccine cards or PCR test

    Forbidden activities

    • Light campfires
    • Throw rubbish
    • Pet access
    • Psychotropic substances (especially in the indigenous community)
    • Carrying of weapons / flammable, polluting and explosive materials

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    is ORINOCO DELTA tour for me?

    Our private transport will pick you up at the door of your hotel or home in Caracas to take you to the Maiquetía National Airport where you will take a flight to Maturin or Puerto Ordáz of 1 hour aprox. There, a transport will pick you up to take to Boca de Uracoa in the state of Delta Amacuro a 2 and a half hours from the airport. Upon arrival, a speedboat will be waiting for you to take you to the lodge. You will navigate for 50 minutes until we reach the Lodge

    After breakfast, and depending on your personalized itinerary, you will go out to explore the area and enjoy its natural and cultural wealth. Depending on your choice, you can also take walks to see the sunrises and sunsets during the days of your stay

    Likewise, after the guided excursions you can freely explore the river by boat or kayak or even enjoy the camp facilities

    The natural diversity is so vast that on the same tour you can see jungles with palm trees, swamps, mangroves inhabited by all kinds of animals, from jaguars, capybaras, howler monkeys, manatees and dolphins to birds and reptiles of all kinds.

    As part of the curiosities of the trip, you can fish for piranhas or watch the dolphin dance at sunset. Howler monkeys and Babas are also part of the natural spectacle that awaits you

    At the time of your return you will have all the private transportation services, including the transfer from the Maiquetía National Airport to your home or hotel.

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