May the Pandemic not Stop you. How to Enter Venezuela without Setbacks?

May the Pandemic not Stop you. How to Enter Venezuela without Setbacks?

 When you organize your trip with the Soco Adventures family, you will be assured of complete and personalized advice on the entry process to Venezuela. However, here we share with you in detail, what is the process to enter the country in a safe, comfortable and smooth way.


As part of the basic requirements in any international trip, the first thing to have on hand is the passport. Venezuelan legislation requires foreigners that this document be valid for a minimum of 6 months, while for Venezuelans the expiration date is not taken into account.

Each traveler (non-Venezuelan) must process a tourist visa in their country of origin, although fortunately there is a long list of countries that are exempt from this conditional authorization to enter Venezuela and stay here for a maximum of 90 days. You can check the list here.

When you are a non-resident foreigner, it will be verified that the air ticket contains the round trip dates. You will also be required to provide a hotel reservation certificate or the original invitation letter that has been notarized and sent from Venezuela. In this letter, the data of the person making the invitation, with their address and telephone number, as well as the complete identification data of the guest, will be clearly expressed.


Like all countries in the world, Venezuela requires that everyone over one year of age, regardless of their nationality, be accompanied by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, also called a nasal swab. In the case of Venezuela, upon arrival at immigration control, the traveler will be asked to present two PCR tests.

The first corresponds to the one carried out in the city or airport of origin a maximum of 72 hours before arrival in Venezuela. This test, with a negative result, will be accompanied by its respective Registration (QR code).

The second will be mandatory for all passengers as soon as they disembark at the Simón Bolívar International Airport (Maiquetía) in a module designed for this purpose. It does not matter if the person plans to enter the country as a resident, tourist or will only be in transit, taking the test is mandatory for everyone. Fortunately, in Maiquetía, to expedite the process, a registry was enabled on the CASA LAB website as required by the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela. But do not worry, it is a simple procedure that is completed by following the steps clearly explained on the official It is recommended to register before traveling, although you can do it without inconvenience as soon as you arrive in Venezuela.

A key piece of information in this entire process is to verify if your airline ticket includes the payment for the PCR test (nasal swab) that costs 60 US dollars (USD). If it is not included, you can do it online or when you arrive in Venezuela. In the latter case, we recommend bringing the exact cash to facilitate the process.

The results of the second test will be sent by CASA LAB in the days following your entry to Venezuela.


If you are a foreigner, it is recommended, although it is not mandatory, that you have the international certificate of the yellow fever vaccine, the rubella vaccine and measles.

If you follow these recommendations to the letter, Soco Adventures ensures a smooth entry into Venezuela, and you can begin your journey to the destination you have chosen from this Land of Grace.