Where do dreams take you? The bravery of Anabell Rego

Just by saying the word Canaima, her face lights up. And so with a smile that does not fade, Anabell Rego tells us about her journey to one of the most iconic places in southern Venezuela.


In January 2021, Anabell learns that all the conditions for travel have become tangible. The opportunity appeared at the best time to visit. With your ticket and PCR test in hand, you know there is nothing to worry about. On the scheduled day, he boards his plane in Maiquetía. The ship takes off with its heart of adventure. A dream made possible thanks to the confidence you have in your ability to create your own reality. In this journey nothing is by chance.

Arriving at the Canaima airport, Anabell's fearless spirit is not contained. Although he had a transport service from the airstrip, he encouraged, along with two other travelers (Nordys and Carlos), to comfortably walk a path to the inn. That walk helped them to recognize each other as kindred spirits seeking exciting experiences.

Upon arriving at Tapuy Lodge, Anabell recognizes the charm of the only establishment in the area with an owner who is part of the local indigenous community called Kamarakoto. This inn without great luxuries has as an attraction a caney located on the shore of the Canaima Lagoon from where you can enjoy the privileged view of some small waterfalls that border it. Everything here feels like walking in heaven.

With a five-day, four-night package, Anabell knows that making the most of every moment is vital. As soon as he arrives, he embarks on his curiara and together with his new travel companions, he takes advantage of knowing the El Sapo and El Hacha falls, those waterfalls located near the lagoon.


The new day begins for Anabell with the crossing from the Ucaima port to the Mayupa rapids, where the excursion group disembarks to walk, on an esplanade. Anabell, barefoot and adventurous, feels the earth on her feet like soft sand. Then, navigating the waters of the Carrao River, they reach Isla Ratón. There, an exciting 45-minute hike begins through a jungle path to Laime lookout point. It is like traveling through a vegetable tunnel that does not allow you to see the sky, and at the end the horizon opens up and you can hear the sound of the water falling imposingly. I climbed on a stone and leaned back, I wanted to cry with emotion. Then it is necessary to descend for another 30 minutes to the base of the jump where you can enjoy the well. For Anabell, she was quickly encouraged to dive into the cold waters that descend from the top of the tepui. There, lover of adrenaline, he also managed to climb the odd rock on the banks in search of an unusual view. The dream has become a reality that surpasses any imagination. For her, the mighty jump thrills and stimulates in a way that is impossible to describe.bir.

Upon returning, Anabell and her group slept on Mouse Island. Here I tried the best food of the trip, the pregnant chicken, that is, a kind of chicken on a stick and grilled. But no new experience is alien to offering challenges: At night, I had a hard time falling asleep because I had never slept in a hammock and I had to learn that you have to put your body on a diagonal.


On all the routes, the guides take the opportunity to talk about the stories that have accompanied these lands. The tales are filled with guardian spirits, immortal beings, and supernatural events. From those days, Anabell remembers with delirium the sensations of visiting the small wells, Felicidad and Azul, and the El Hacha, El Sapo Wadaima, Golondrina and Ucaima waterfalls. In all places, The water is cold but so full of energy that it does not matter, says Anabell when she talks about those revitalizing dips she did Everything gives me happiness! And that's why any puddle that I saw there I was throwing myself. For her, everything is alive on this earth and she experiences it fully. Dream and reality merge in the same experience.ncia.

Whoever dares to experiment lives to count his successes and mistakes. Anabell, brave as she is, dared to stand at the front end of the moving curiara, and in an act of liberation, loosen any coat and spread her arms. The emotion did not last long and he went to hit the water, managing to grab onto a rope. Regardless of the fall, the joy was extreme when the guides allowed him to swim a bit in the river with the excuse of looking for his cap. I fulfilled my dream of swimming in the river.

Another special moment, with their feet on the ground and bicycle in hand, Anabell along with Nordys and Carlos, walk through the entire community of Canaima, getting to know the town passing through the airstrip, we did a race around the track, but we did not know in what we got into because it was so long that at one point our legs no longer responded to end the tour visiting all the accommodations in the area. At the end of the day we passed by the front of the chapel and witnessed a mass recited in Pemón.

The next day we went to Sakaikapá on our bicycles, a journey of approximately 1 hour to get there, to then bathe in their water and return for an ice cream, each experience filled me with energy and a lot of happiness. 

The experiences we create on each trip depend on our will and Anabell's story confirms this. She connected with the audacity of nature, which advances without hesitation. Here adrenaline runs through your veins and the courage to experience it all fuels your days. That's how brave she is.

 Alejandra Fernandez